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My first attempt at an infographic. I ended up choosing to make it A3 size at it could be used as a promotional poster as well. I created it using PAGES.

You can click on the image to get a larger version or here’s a full size version in PDF:

TIS by the Numbers 11-12(lower res2)


Here’s something to get you thinking. Scott Mcleod had a blog on his site, Dangerously Irrelevant, that brought this to my attention. On Scott’s site, you will find multiple formats of Karl Fisch‘s presentation, “Did You Know“. If you watch this short presentation (just over 6 minutes), you can’t help but wonder about the role of learning and the current state of education.

Ok, just found out that I can’t upload video directly. So, to watch the video, pop over to Scott’s site and use up his bandwidth then come on back because I’d really like to hear your comments. Click here to choose your video format.

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Howard Stribbell is the Head of Schools at The International School of Macao.

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